Thrive Aerial is a place for kids and youth to learn to trust themselves while building strength and confidence. The classes are limited to eight students for safety and personal attention. There are two big performances every year, one in December and one in the Spring. All students are expected to be in the recitals. We offer silks, both single point and hammock, and mixed equipment (single point, lyra, hammock, straps).

Tuition: $50 registration fee/year, $65/mo. autopay


Level One 5-6 years old

Level One 7-9 years old

Level One 10-12 years old

Level One Mixed Equipment 9-12 years old

Level Two 7-9 years old

Level Two 10-13 years old

Level Two 13+

Level Two Mixed Equipment 9-12 years old

Level Three 9-13 years old

Level Three 13+



Winter/Spring Schedule

January 3 classes begin
April 1-9 Spring break, no classes
May 3 Dress Rehearsal 4-7pm
May 4, 5, 6 Spring Recital-ABBA Th/F/S 6pm & S 12pm
May 18 Last day of classes