About Pilates

Pilates is based on Joseph Pilates' method to help counteract the affects aging have on our bodies, mostly by strengthening the core. We pair it with barre for a total body workout. If you’re looking to tone your legs, glutes and abs, this is your class.  During WWI Joseph Pilates developed a method to help hospital patients recover from injuries. He attached springs to sliding hospital beds and very carefully took patients through exercises to rebuild muscle and develop control. Thus the birth of the Reformer. Reformer work has helped athletes recover from injuries, dancers develop range of motion, people suffering from plantar fasciitis and knee pain, and those with chronic low back pain, to name just a few. We have 7 spots available each class so book early and discover the power of Pilates Reformer.

Mixed Level Reformer

Curious about the Pilates Reformer? Come see what it's all about as you gently but effectively reform your body to better alignment and tone using both the reformer and sometimes matwork. Great for people who move differently than they used to or are dealing with injuries.

Reformer Basics is a good place to start. It's slower paced and teaches basic reformer skills.

Advanced Reformer

This class is more advanced and requires more strength and experience than Mixed Level.

Jumpboard Reformer

This fun cardio class gives you all the benefits of impact without the side effects of vertical plyometrics. It's basically cardio laying down.