About Aerial

This class is done in aerial silk hammocks set to your height. It is a combination of yoga poses, flying poses, strength poses and just playing. Very good to relieve stress in the back and neck, and develop upper and lower body strength.  Not recommended for those who are pregnant, who weigh over 250 pounds, have had joint replacement, or those who suffer from dizziness or seizures. Please wear a shirt with sleeves, and tight fitting bottoms. Also remove any sharp jewelry that may catch on the silks. Inform your instructor of any physical concerns you're experiencing. Aerial really gets fun after the first 3-4 classes, so stick to it. Classes limited to 9 students.

Aerial Skills

A great place to start your aerial training. You'll learn how to safely perform aerial exercises and get accustomed to  the feeling of weightlessness that can cause some dizziness.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga poses done in and with a hammock.